Acon3d: Hidden hero behind K-Webtoons

Naevis Calling
3 min readFeb 16, 2022


Who didn’t watch the Squid game last year? I didn’t only watch it but played it.

We are living in the world of true OSMU (One Source Multi-Use) and this has been accelerated by the recent development of technology and supply of education. Now we have Unity, Unreal engine, many 3d rendering services and countless educational content on Youtube, Udemy on how to use these tools. It doesn’t stop there. With Metahuman by Unreal engine and GANverse3D by Nvidia, what we can build in the virtual space is truly limitless. I always thought Instagram turned everyone into photographers and drove demand for 2d images. And I believe in the era of Metaverse (aka. Everything virtual), we will see a surge in the demand for 3d models.

[Squid Game on Roblox]

I met Minhong and Julie back in January 2021 when I was exploring 3d model space. Minhong founded Acon3d based on his personal experience from studying architecture. He saw thousands of 3d models that he built through sleepless nights, only to be archived in his hard drive as they failed to be built in real life.

“What if we could help people monetise their 3d models sleeping in their hard drives?”

People in industrial design, gaming, architecture began listing their 3d models on Acon3d, less did they know their models would save thousands of hours for webtoon artists who are trained to draw mainly in 2d. Drawing 3d backgrounds has always been painful and time-consuming work for them. Acon3d was an eye-opening moment for webtoon artists as they could simply purchase backgrounds that are suitable for their stories and use them straight away, dramatically reducing their time spent on drawing backgrounds by 90%. Drawing one background scene typically used to take them 2–3 hours but with Acon3d it only takes them 3 minutes.

[Acon3d is a life saviour for webtoon artists]

As Acon3d vastly reduces the workload for webtoon artists, they are able to focus on stories and as readers, we are offered better content. With the mission of “making the world a more fun place,” Acon3d is actively expanding into gaming, animation and also globally. I feel fortunate to be part of their journey and look forward to bringing 3d content creation one step closer to the world.

What if there was a link that directly takes webtoon readers to Acon3d, where we could purchase the 3d models of our favourite/iconic scenes in the webtoon and make games, animation, or whatever 3d content we want to make? THAT is what I’m really excited about.

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